Hooray, it's Day 7, I'm now 34 years and 1 week old. I can honestly say that I am one step ahead toward my goal, starting writing my journey.

Content creation

I am not English literature, nor a writer, but I had to start somewhere, and writing about my journey pushed me into taking the first step forward.

Quantity is often what leads to quality

According to Gary Vaynerchuk in the debate of "quantity vs quality", says that quantity is often what leads to quality because it lets you better understand what "quality" is in the eyes of the market, so don't be afraid to put out a higher volume of content.

That's what I am doing in fact, I am creating a quantity of content that I still consider low quality until I can understand what and how I can deliver quality content, so bare with me until I get there :)

Week wrap-up

Aim for a big goal using micro-goals

I decided to start this journey because I am convinced that setting a big goal then try to make it by creating micro goals that serve it, is the best way to achieve. I am still finding the right paths I should go thru and ways to conquer my problems, struggles, and go straight forward my goals, and I am glad I can share all this with you here.

A dream is not sacred, you can drop it!

I have decided to create a list of my dream projects and goals and prioritize them, work on each one until success or drop, a dream is not sacred, you can drop it! Yes, we should know when a goal, project or a dream isn't achievable and drop it or it will be an obstacle in front of others.

On the other hand I will create another list to monitor my work toward these goals weekly, evaluate them and rebuild accordingly.

Oh and I will be adding a new section on my next articles where I will be listing at least one thing I have learned. Hope you will like it.

Thank you and have a great week ahead.